About Me and My Blog


My name is Brian Kane. I am a middle-aged cis-het white dude hurtling at breakneck speed toward old age, an uncertain future, and inevitable death. I hate thrill rides.

I am not new to this rodeo. My original blog was born in the first wave of blogging, not quite 20 years ago in The Year 2000 (cue futuristic theremin music).  I wrote there almost daily for a dozen years before the Facebook juggernaut came for me at last.  A child was born, a piece of me (maybe several pieces) died, my world spun out of control for a while, and then so did the rest of the world, maybe forever.  And now here I am: still a bit lost, a lot older but not a whit the wiser, looking to explain myself to nobody in particular.

Thanks to a dance with depression that lasted a good solid decade, I am slowly recovering some of the things that got lost in the process, including blogging. I am about 40% certain there is still some scrap of humanity left inside me, and I’d like one last shot at proving it. You are welcome to read along if you’re interested, but I can’t promise anything.