How GBBO Gets Made

I love “Great British Bake Off”, and I love reading about the inside production details of how movies and television shows are made.  This awesome article from the British TV industry magazine “Broadcast” has a great in–depth look at the production challenges behind the world’s most popular baking show. In addition to the twelve contestants and four hosts, for example, are as many as 50 production crew members — camera and sound people, producers, lighting crews, food stylists, etc. — milling about, and somehow managing to stay out of shot to create the illusion of the big open tent.

Next week is the season finale, and I am several episodes behind, so I need to do some catch-up watching over the next few days.

Also, they’ve announced Emma Bunton (Baby Spice) as one of the presenters on the upcoming American version that runs as a 4-week series in December.  Last year’s series got yanked after just two episodes due to sexual harassment allegations against the American judge who appeared along with Paul Hollywood. I wish they would make a full season for American TV now that they’ve decided to make it a carbon copy of the British show (earlier attempts did not feature the same production company and were terrible).


  1. Karan · 26 Days Ago

    There’s an AMERICAN version coming?! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!


    • Brian Kane · 26 Days Ago

      Yes. This is at least the third season of an American version produced by the same company that makes it for Channel Four. It airs on ABC.


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