Great Gadget


Fast Company featured this very interesting article yesterday about the story behind the development of the OXO Good Grips vegetable peeler and its impact on the design of kitchen gadgets.  When I worked at IDEO years ago, they were great at understanding usability as a primary factor in product design, and today it’s essentially a given in all good product design, but this was not always the case, and the OXO peeler was at the beginning of user-centric design.

I’ve got one at home, as well as their Y-shaped peeler and also a knockoff from another company.  There are also a few other OXO Good Grips products in my kitchen like their can-opener and kitchen tongs.

One comment

  1. Karan · 19 Days Ago

    My sister-in-law has fairly advanced rheumatoid arthritis and the oxo products have allowed her to remain active in her kitchen. I think that she has every product they’ve made and she’s still a happy cook because of them.


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