Beer Here

Reminding myself that there are a couple of beer events in my neck of the woods here in Massachusetts in September. Mmm…beer.

Notch Brewing has a Traveling Biergarten that will be in North Andover the weekend of September 15-16. They are based in Salem and they mainly brew German and Czech beers like lagers and pilsners. Appropriate for an Oktoberfest event, to be sure, though not my favorite styles.  Weather depending, I think this would be a fun thing.

The local Shriners temple is holding a beer fest at the Aleppo Shriner’s Auditorium in our town on September 29.  This one will have 100 local craft brews.  It’s a $50 ticket, but the money goes to the various charitable efforts of the local Shriners. They can’t all be IPAs, can they?

I also came across this map of Massachusetts breweries the other day. If you visit all the breweries in one of the five regions of the map and have them stamp your “passport” (a printed copy of the map), you can mail it in and get a t-shirt.  If you’re really ambitious and visit them all, you can win a commemorative glass. According to the map there are only seven breweries north of Boston.  That’s doable.

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