Blank Like My Mind

2018-08-08 15.07.53

While I’m on the subject of pens and paper, a few months ago I bought a package of these little notebooks. You can buy them here, 3 notebooks for $9.95. I threw this one in the bag I carry to work every day with the thought that maybe I’d use it, but I haven’t written a single thing in it yet.  The top corner has gotten dog-eared just from being in the bag. I’m loathe to take the notebook out of my bag because I’m sure if I do, I will develop an immediate need to write something down and not have it available.

Around the time I started writing with fountain pens, I also started carrying around an even-smaller notebook that would fit in a shirt pocket and I used it at work to make little notes to myself of things that I needed to refer to a lot (IP addresses, network ports, hardware settings, and other technical stuff).  When I left that job, I got out of the habit of doing that, too.  Once I went back to IT, instead of little paper notebooks, I started using Evernote, which became even more useful to me with the advent of smartphones.

(I should also admit here that I have a bunch of Moleskine notebooks in a box at home that I never quite found a use for either.  The struggle is real.)

One comment

  1. Karan · August 9

    Don’t worry. When you hit your sixties it will get plenty of use.


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