Did You Try Turning It Off And Turning It Back On?

Sometimes you just need to reboot.

I am rethinking what to do here.

Be patient with me.  This is harder than it looks.


  1. Solonor · July 25

    Agreed. If you choose to share stuff from the internets or status updates, which was a pretty big part of blogging in the old days, then it’s probably easier (or just as easy) to use a social media platform like Twitter, Facebook or MeWe. But if you choose only to post lengthy dissertations on life, the universe and everything, then how often does the inspiration hit you? And when do you have time for it? Re-starting a blog isn’t as simple as it sounds.

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  2. Brian Kane · July 25

    Indeed. Plus. at the moment I am feeling pulled in several directions between the private group on Facebook, public Facebook, MeWe and this blog. That’s probably two places too many for me. Aaaand, it doesn’t help that I have been struggling a bit personally with having the motivation to write at all.

    So, I need to take stock a bit, decide what outlets I really want to make use of, and then decide how to use each one.


  3. Karan · July 26

    My hope is to revive my blog too….I took great pleasure in writing there and if I recall correctly, it was more of an online journal then a link sand trap. I will leave FB behind when that happens…and this time on my own terms. I might keep mewe. Dunno yet. You may remind me when all these plans poop out.


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